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Holiday Movies Abound With Diversity & Inclusion This Season

December 11, 2020 Desireia Valteau
Underground Magnolia Podcast
Holiday Movies Abound With Diversity & Inclusion This Season
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Show Notes

It’s holiday time! Christmastime! And you know what that means – movies, movies, movies!

With the pandemic and more stay-at-home orders in place, many of us will be at home roasting chestnuts, with popcorn and hot chocolate, watching these feel-good films.
In this episode, holiday movies featuring people of color are highlighted.

Gone are the days of the mostly white casts on Lifetime and Hallmark networks.

After a public outcry two years or so ago, these two networks expanded their productions by featuring holiday movies with black women as lead characters - Holly Robinson Peete, the Mowry sisters, Kyla Pratt, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Kelly Rowland and the list goes on.
 The all-inclusive holiday movies on Lifetime also include the first film starring an Asian American Family - "Sugar and Spice" airs on Sunday, December 13.

In addition to race, other first-time issues on Lifetime and Hallmark include gay themes and other abled folks.
 "The Christmas Setup," about a mom finding her son a man, premieres Saturday, December 12 on Lifetime. Fran Drescher stars as the mother.
Hallmark’s first holiday gay movie, "The Christmas House,” debuted at the end of November. Yes, there’s progress.

Lifetime broke even more ground earlier this month with "Christmas Ever After." The romantic lead was Tony award-winner Ali Stroker, who uses a wheelchair.

Additionally in this podcast, Netflix's "A New York Christmas Wedding" is reviewed.

While it doesn’t have stars (except for Chris Noth), or a well-known director (Otoja Abit) behind it, and the production could look better, WATCH THIS MOVIE! It has a lot to say about LGBTQ issues and the Catholic Church. HEAR FULL REVIEW ON PODCAST.

Hear about them all on the podcast. There's a special mention of the film "What’s Cooking. "
Released in 2000, the film's directed by Gurinder Chadha, the Indian director who gave us the hit "Bend It Like Beckham" two years later in 2002.

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